What and How ?

Type in your destination and we show you if any roadblocks are there on your route. Enable active tracking and we will also send you reports of roadblocks that occur in real time on your route. Also take active part in reporting roadblocks like landslides, traffic, accidents, contruction and others. Your participation ensures better travel for someone else and whats more you credits for that which you can spend on mobile recharges etc. You can also search for amenities like ATMs, restaurants, gas stations and many more while you are travelling. New to a place? Companion also tells you about tourist places and events to visit. It is a one stop solution for all your travel needs.

  • Register on the application. Tell us the Source and Destination.
  • We map your route with information about roadblocks and alternative paths, all in real-time.
  • Start your travel. We also tell you about roadblocks ahead (new and old) via alerts so drive without any worries.
  • Get on-road amenities whenever you want them.
  • Get to know about tourist places and Events at the places you visit.

Our Collaboration and Aids

National Institute Of Technology Sikkim is our first aid.
We have also collaborated with BRO Sikkim and Department of Roads and Bridges Sikkim for reported Road Traffic and Landslide verifications.